Transparency – The Literal and The Phenomenal

Workplace-Transparency-1000x487.jpgTransparency is part of the constellation module and it is designed to help us through our studies by bringing up new concepts and ideas and different subject that we can take further into our projects and help us think more openly and conceptual about our work. In this subject, I have learned a lot about different dimensions and how to look at the things through the back doors. By means, the different dimension meant that one object or thing can be seen through many aspects and it can only become possible by applying the all four dimensions. This project was a good opportunity to learn new things. Transparency helped me to look at things from many perspectives and create new ideas in a different and more efficient way. We have had the flexibility to work in groups and discuss ideas throughout, more important we had to create presentations based on the different works of art either flat work or 3d sculptures. The tutor gave us a defined explanation on the literal and the phenomenal, she has also given us different examples of each and made sure we fully understood what they meant and what do they represent in the context of transparency.

Throughout the time of the project, most of the seminars happened to take place at the National Museum in Cardiff where we learnt a lot about dimensions and we have engaged in group tasks and individual tasks around the Museum. Each week we have been given sections of text from books closely chosen by the tutor where we were given the task to find pieces of artwork in the museum of a 1-D, 2-D, 3-D and eventually, 4-D form as well and associate it with the meaning of the given text and explain our understanding. However, the idea was to think phenomenal rather than literal where we were meant to look and identify different dimensions related to the found piece of art. I found this subject extremely helpful and fun at the same time. It allowed me to open my eyes when working on my graphic design projects, it has also allowed me to think more before coming up with a concept as it helped me to come up with innovative brand new work for my projects. In preparation for the final paper, research tasks took a big contribution in the development of ideas for the essay. We were asked to go and pick up two art related books where we had to extract information and decide what we were going to write about. It was, however, a very flexible project as we were permitted to choose our own path and what subject to pick for our final essay. Yet, for this essay, I have chosen to write about the Swiss Graphic Design as it is closely related to my area of expertise but also as I am very enthusiastic about this modernist style. The Swiss graphic design inspires me a lot and I believe this was a great opportunity for me to go ahead and learn more about it. However, I practised and applied what I have learned during this module to research learn about new concepts and influences on what makes this style such an amazing approach within the graphic design culture. As I researched I tried to learn enough to be able to apply the Swiss style techniques to the different dimensions that I have learned about throughout the exercises we undertook during the time of this module. Now, that I understood more about the different dimensions I tried to see how other fields like Science or Photography can relate to my subject. Throughout reading, I found that science has a close impact on the style and that it could also be a source of influence for the reason why this style was created. I believe that photography has its place of influence as well as science although it can relate a lot more to the artistic elements rather than the physical elements of Swiss Style of design.

I think this project was an absolute gold mine as it helped me to discover new things about my influences and it allowed me to think more about my concepts when engaging on my own design projects. With every experience, there come fundamental challenges as well. As with the deciding of my topic I have experienced a few problems coming up with the initial ideas of what I was going to base my essay ideas on. Although after doing some research I have fully decided and planned what I was going to say in my essay. After doing this subject I believe I would enjoy taking the idea of “Literal and Phenomenal” further and that I would like to apply it to my future assignments.


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