Double Page Magazine Layouts & Editorial Design Examples

Double page magazine and book layout examples:

1: The Lonely Road book

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This magazine’s layout is mostly based on negative space and very limited in terms of page content. Although it is a very consistent design layout, the composition seems to change slightly from portrait imagery to landscape text. The design it is also based on a limited colour pallet and it seems to be quite eye catching. Some of the elements of design in this magazine tend to overlap each other creating a rather abstract style.

2: Atlas


Looking at this poster the first thing that drew my attention was the lady in the picture then the title, then the text on the right spread page which makes the layout flowing and easy to read the content. The composition of this design seems to work quite effectively despite the fact that the title is separated by the image in the middle which creates a little pause when reading the title, however I think it still works pretty good as the title is referring to the girl in the photograph. The hierarchy of this magazine spread is very central and still follows the rules of design, good spacing and very interesting use negative spaces here as well.


This double spread is one of my favorites that because of its amazing hierarchy. I love the use of text and image here, the colours seem to make a big impact as well, it is a lovely looking design, very clean and well spaced. The layout seems to be flowing from left to right as it should be, and the use of path of the eye, the first thing I look at when I open this magazine is the right page, however the bold and big title tells us exactly where we should start reading and where the article ends.


In this example it is a mixture of text and image working together in order to communicate the message. The first thing I looked at was the 3 dimensional ring which creates the illusion of that the text is also becoming 3d by looking at it making them both equally important. The hierarchy of this design is very centered and well spaced on both pages.


3: The Freaked Out Issue

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4: Portraits of Power

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5: Futu-Magazine


6: Hydration in Winter via Luciana Ruivo


7: Ef Style – Fones via Luciana Ruivo


8: Healthier via Luciana Ruivo


9: Magazine Design Spreads via Kristina Ushakov


10: Making Inroads via Guacamole Goalie


11: Computer Arts Magazine


Editorial design examples:

1: Do You Remember When This World Was Ours?


2: Visual identity concept / Strassenfeger


3: MAID IN CHINA – The story behind your stuff


4: Bachelor Thesis


5: Oscar Wilde Retrospective


6: Our Dying Forests” by The Salt Lake Tribune: Focus The Eye


Was your eye drawn to that white box cutting through the main photo at the top? If so, design goal achieved.

7: Off the Shelf” by Times of Oman: Create Visual Interest And Intrigue


8: Off the Shelf” by Times of Oman: Create Visual Interest And Intrigue


Primary Research

David allowed us to have a look at his design magazine collection and showed us good examples of different magazine styles and good layouts, where we had the opportunity to talk to each other about them and shared opinions. These like many others magazines are great work, they all have remarkable aesthetic elements to them that make every one of these examples unique and beautiful.


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