Afterlife – Elbowgrease magazine

IMG_0177.jpgToday the people behind Elbowgrease Magazine came and talk to us about their work. Tom the creative director came and talk to us about how they got started as a magazine. He talked to us about how they started the whole business and how they came up with their style and showed us how he learned to establish an aesthetically beautiful magazine. As he was learning to develop his style he met Josh and John who helped him promote and introduced a business perspective to his business idea.
Their magazine was based on a strong grid and two good typefaces, it’s a traditional looking magazine that goes beyond standards and comes across as rebellious as well, taking the design and style to a whole new level.
To make it work, they put in a lot of work sometimes working in a pub or a coffee shop as well. They have also invested some of their own money in it to make it happen. They practically started from nothing, and they socialised their way up to accomplish their aims, they also had some help from their friends to put together the necessary tools to create the magazine. However, they managed to hit their target and still managed to earn a 500 pounds extra after hitting their target budget.
They talked to us how to make it by managing the market and making sure the magazine was aimed at the right target and that it is making the right amount of money from it in order to keep going.
Next thing they tried to get the product in the stores like news agents, stores. Finding gaps where would they find the places that people would want to see it. They pushed it, they gave it to barber shops, or related places like shopping centres to display them in their shops that would build their audience. Mosty in stores related to their subjects as they were trying to keep within the target audience.
Then, they needed to know what do people actually think of their magazine. In order to get some feedback they got together a room of people and talked to them face to face about it in order to get some live feedback, they said they were very opened to critisim and when they created the magazine they felt really relaxed about it.
The things they have advised us that before going and selling out our products we need to make sure that we have our invoices ready to go, and get the documents sorted beforehand.
A good way of saving money on printing and making sure you’re still on target with the budget is to save money on printing. They say that a good way to do that is if you are trying to get good deals with the print studious. And, if choosing to go outside the front door with your product like overseas, make sure you consider the political events that may have an impact on your product in a few years.
Also, some key pieces of advice were to consider the possibility that you might fail, can you prevent that and how can you take steps to make sure the product it’s a success. Collaboration is an important part of this, find the right people and help each other, surround yourself with these people. Go socialise and make friends. And, limited resources, we need to do extra work and make it possible. Put in the hours to get it done. They said that at least every 6 months you need to have something on the go otherwise they clients might lose interest in the business and this way you lose from audience.


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