Illustrators & Animators Research (part III)

Stuart Holmes

International graphic illustrator. Australia.

Londoner Stuart Holmes is now based in Australia’s creative enclave of Melbourne. Trained as a graphic designer, he felt that illustration allowed him much more freedom, and he developed a flat vector style that has remained popular for well over a decade.

Shelley Li Wen Chen

International medical illustrator. Canada

Clarity is a key component in Shelley’s style. She’ll use various aesthetics in order for the image to communicate effectively. Often, she works in a flat, graphic style, particularly if the piece needs to teach or explain something. When it comes to editorial pieces or advertising, she’s more likely to try and grab the viewer’s attention with a more dramatic composition.

Judith Van Den Hoek

International Fashion & Beauty illustrator. Netherlands.

Minimalism and simplicity are what make Judith van den Hoek’s fashion illustrations stand out. One or two simple yet perfectly drawn lines help her to convey beauty, sensuality and creativity in a very direct way. From there she adds just the right amount of colour and detail to make the image feel fresh and exciting, bringing to it a personal touch.


Andy Gellenberg

Mixed media illustrator. Germany


3D CGI digital illustrator team. UK

Duncan Beedie

International cartoon and children’s book illustrator. UK

Thanks to his animation training, Duncan’s work has a cartoony look and feel, with lots of exaggeration, expression and colour. He loves to add touches of irreverent or incongruous humour wherever he can.

Smartup Visuals

International Live Scribing team. London

Clear composition and a restrained use of colour are key to the Smartup aesthetic. When planning a piece, they focus on the core message and keep it simple, playing with 2D shapes. By varying the size of elements in the drawing they guide the viewer through the artwork and its overall message. Their imagery is fun, naïve and inspiring to whoever looks at it.

Mark Oliver

International graphic & character illustrator. Brighton

Adapting to the challenge of any brief is what excites Mark. He’s used a wide range of media during his career, from physical painting and collage through to Illustrator and Photoshop. Most projects these days are tackled digitally, but he loves to draw and paint as well if it suits the commission.

Mark works in a variety of styles that he adapts to suit the requirements of a job. His favourite at the moment involves an isometric perspective with a distressed finish using a retro palette. He likes the look and feel of old photos from the 50s and 60s, as well as Polaroids, and has a collection of vintage paper and card that he uses to bring real world textures into his work.


Adam Larkum

International pen & ink illustrator. UK

The search for ways to improve governs Adam’s approach to his work. “I try never to take drawing for granted. I always look for new ways to draw and treat every drawing as a chance to learn.”

Adam believes every commission should start with a pencil in one hand and an eraser in the other, and is never afraid to erase whole areas of a drawing if they aren’t right. He loves working in ink on paper and then shifting into Photoshop to bring the piece together. If his work were a film, he says, it would be an Ealing Comedy – fun, fast and eccentric.


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