Drug Awareness Campaign Outcomes

For this brief, we had to come up with our own topics based on the brief’s requirements. After doing some research on other design activist campaigns out there we have came to the decision that we wanted to do a drug awareness campaign. Our campaign was focusing on the drug abuse and bad drugs that are being consumed and sold on the black market daily.

The idea of our campaign was to raise awareness about the harm the drugs do to the human body and to the the world by showing people an insight on how they are made and mixed as they are travelling from place to play making them even more harmful to take. In most cases, drugs like cocaine and heroin are being mixed with different other drugs by drug dealers in order to increase the amount and as means of making more money. So, we wanted to show people that this is more serious that it seems and the impacts that drugs can have on their bodies, more precisely on their organs. In contrast, we are hoping that our campaign will either prevent people from taking drugs or to help them rehab and realise that their lives are more important than the fun found in powders and pills or other kinds highs.

To do so we needed to become aware ourselves about the potential outcome and harms given by these drugs through a bit of research, in order to make sure we are providing them with the accurate information, research pays a big contribution to this project.

For this final field project, we had to work in 4 to 5 people to come up with a 45 to 60 sec animation video based on the chosen topic. The idea of this was that we needed to design for public good, for people or things that do not know how to use the tools that we graphic designers are trained to use or to communicate effectively. For this project, we have been introduced the narrative, moving images and video editing, in this case, we have used Adobe After Effects as our main software. We were given the flexibility to choose the media we wanted our illustrations to be created from as well.

After writing down our ideas using a mindmap my group and I decided to do an animated video regarding the drug abuse in the UK, and how it affects the human body following a solution like rehabilitation and a cure from it.


We started by drawing lots and lots of sketches of storyboards of our ideas in order to come up with the best concept and to communicate our subject effectively. However, in this project, it was required that we would consider the narrative, storytelling, pace, visual systems and sequence, also using metaphor as a way to communicate our message across.


Here it was our main storyboard related to drug abuse, however, the reason we did not go with this one was for the only reason that it was too explicit it was telling a story, we needed something rather more metaphoric.


For the above storyboard, we had a chat with David and came to the conclusion that it was still sort of telling a story and that we wanted to move away from that to something more metaphoric.


After more sketching of storyboards and ideas, and hard thinking we finally came up with a final storyboard for our 60 sec animation video of which everybody was happy about. We also decided that we would have two songs representing the two different sides. A more relaxing and rather trippy song for the drugged part and a more cheerful for the positive part of the video.


The concept behind this idea was that there are two sides of the story, starting with a negative side where the character was taking drugs turning it to a more positive side where the character wakes up from drugs and notices that life is so much better and that there are so much more stuff to do without the drugs that kept him in a constant paranoia and anxiety and it is suggested to get “high on life not on drugs”.

However, now it was about time that we would decide which media to use in order to put together the artwork for our video. So for these we had to do a bit of research on other artists and found this guy called Stuart Holmes, his style really inspired us. Most of his work is based on realism and his style is more simple but rather detailed, he is using simple shapes and flat colours to create his digital illustrations. We decided to draw up the artwork using digital vector drawing and applying Stuart’s Realist style of using flat shapes and flat colours.

Beach Landscape

mountain landscape zoomed out

landscape mountain and bed

DJ set 1 eyedDJ set full facedlandscape front garden


Here are a series of eyes drawn in different styles. However, we thought that in order to keep it consistent we must use the ones on the black background, less detailed and within similar style to the rest of the illustrations from above.



This project was a great experience and a great opportunity to learn how to work in After Effects. As I have never worked with animation before I think it went pretty okay. It was rather confusing as we were working as a group on a slightly harder project. We have experienced a few difficulties as none of us really did anything like this before so it was kinda new for everybody, we were short on time as we took a little longer to come up with the storyboard. However, we have talked and communicated our ideas, everybody seems to be quite dedicated, so we finally managed to come through with this by putting together a rather satisfying storyboard and style. Then, the next step was to learn how to create moving images. We have also split the jobs into two that we would save a bit of time. In conclusion, it was good working with something that I as a child I was always wondered how they make art move. Now that I have done it I feel good and satisfied with the outcome. Although I realised there are improvements to be made and hopefully, I will get the opportunity to work on an animation project again that I will be able to apply what I learned in order to come up with an improved final outcome.


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