2D and 3D – Transparany

Today, we went to the museum and have been given a short piece of text from “The Notebooks of Leonardo Davinci” that must represent 3-dimensional forms and also a big body of text which should be used to associate it with the 2 dimensional. However, the idea of this was to look at things and understand things from different perspectives and try to find non-literal aspects of the 2d and 3d based on our texts and from a chosen piece of art from the museum.

We went around browsing for a rather abstract work that meant something to us, that we found visually strong and, that had a huge impact on our ideas. Something that stood out to us and that we thought it would help to explain our conceptions.

img_1113For the 2D task, I have found this piece of 3-dimensional sculpture that depending on which perspective you look at it from, appears to lose its shadows and it flattens out which becomes a 2-dimensional form. So, I have chosen a sentence that describes the metaphorical meaning of my 2d interpretation of this piece of work, and that creates a clean association with the material it is made of and used for as well.

“In this sense, it is more like a background, the single, grand surface on which everything else is supported.”   – To me, this bit of text kind of represents the piece of work from the above. It refers to a flat surface, like a stage or a wooden floor.

For the 3d task, we have worked in pairs to come up with the best interpretation of concepts. However, we have chosen this piece of work about a terrorist attack in Beirut. So, this work is actually a videotape that is playing constantly from a CCTV in Beirut where the attack has happened.


Based on the short text from “The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci”; “The beginnings and ends of shadow lie between the light and darkness and may be infinitely diminished and infinitely increased. Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow.”
Looking at the tape and the idea of it bought back to life by recreating the 3-dimensional shape of the bullet hole made by the sniper. It made me realise that it is more than just a flat screen or a picture of the incident. It is a real life object shaped by the use of shadows and lights changing its display or its visual form based on time. The detail of the sculpture is not what makes it appear as a 3D form but the darkest curves and holes of which the bullet created during the impact, so that is what the 2D videotape and pictures displays.

The sniper bullet hole from the Beirut attack
It looks something of this proportion
A photograph of the war





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