1930’s Typefaces In Use

1930’s Was an unstable time, and most of the good and very tidy fonts came out at the time. Typefaces used in the ephemera designs and other publications like magazines, newspapers, posters, even products were using some typefaces as means of writing, and documents too. From promoting goods to propaganda posters and materials. As nowadays things aren’t very different in fact things have developed, and the typography industry have too. Although the classic fonts used in 1930’s are still put in use today, mostly by newspapers and many other articles. Today’s typeface usage is depending on the context of the project or material.

I have decided to put together a list of typefaces used and made around 1930’s.

Futura: Designed by Paul Renner and released by Bauer in 1927.

“Fotografie der Gegnwart” leaflet
Bee Movie#

Berthold-Grotesk: Founded in Berlin in 1858.

Venus Motorroller – Advertising

Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft – Infographics/maps/educational purposes

Bernhard Gothic: Released in 3 weights plus italics between 1929 and 1931 by Lucian Bernhard.

Advertising Arts, April 1930’s – Magazine

Green River Farms – Branding/Identity/Ephemera



Gill Sans: Designed by Eric Gill. Initially released by Monotype (Series 262) in 1928 with many styles following until Condensed in 1937.

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“Rambles in …” series, London and North Eastern Railway – Infographics/Pamphlets/Maps/Booklets

Architecture and Morality by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Album art

Ultra Bodoni: Working at American Type Founders from a Bruce Foundry recutting, Morris Fuller Benton worked out the dramatics of the English Fat Face, and in 1928 produced Ultra Bodoni.


Book cover for i: six non lectures by e e cummings – Books



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