The Gaze and the Narrative

This week we started off by talking about a quote by Colin Rowe a design historian. We have been given another insight on the literal and phenomenal and we have been assigned into groups of two to three of which we had to describe our understanding of the quote. Also, we have been shown a presentation including various pieces of art that we had to pick and relate to our understanding of the quote.

“Should visual and spatial forms be seen as design’s irreducible essence, or does for represent only one layer in a set of values that includes psychological meaning, socialintention, political ideology and other human factors at work in the urban whole?”

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.00.59.png

We have talked about the relation between the picked image and the own interpretation of the quote. However, my group and I were thinking that this box could have different visual values or different uses. We came up with the ideology that this box could only be a literal interpretation of a visual reality, by means a box put up on display for exhibit or it could be just a fancy box where the king’s or the queen’s servants used to carry them in, also it may just be for social use as an old days ambulance or so forth. However, it could also be phenomenal. I was looking at its aesthetic values and thinking that it may just simply be a lovely designed box with dark curtains made to hide something or someone from the public. I was thinking of the dark curtains as a means of making it hard to see through the idea of visual impairment.


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