Character and Place Research

War times magazines:

  1. FRONT was a large-format photo magazine, published in 1942 by the International Press Photography Association under the direction of the army General Staff. It was published in 15 languages, including English, for distribution by the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Like Russia’s famed USSR in Construction, FRONT was noteworthy for its grand photographic covers and photo-montage interior spreads. The photographers were leaders in Japan, including Ihei Kimura (who also served as editor) and Hiroshi Hamaya.

As devastatingly horrific as World War II was, quite a few handsome magazines were produced in warring nations. The Japanese, as it happens, were responsible for the most beautiful of all propaganda magazines during that period—and that is no exaggeration. If only it had served the cause of peace and not savagery.

2.Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936 starts by explaining political developments that led up to 1936, including the Nazification of sports in Germany. The government harnessed sport as a part of its drive to control its citizens, strengthen the “Aryan race” and prepare German youth for war, with schools using physical education for political indoctrination. Posters and magazine spreads on display, part of the propaganda, show the Germans as the rightful heirs of an “Aryan” culture of classical antiquity, with ideal racial traits of blue eyes, blond hair and finely chiseled features. Non-Aryans were excluded from sports associations and facilities; Jewish groups set up their own associations.


Republican Propaganda Posters and Army Recruitment:

By Vicente Marco Ballester, Republican poster Spanish Civil War. (Spain)


This poster shows a united Britain, with all members of society going to war together.  Everyone is shown carrying the tools of their trade or profession, with civilians gradually transforming into British infantrymen.


Homage to the International Brigades [Date unknown]


Do not let your family live the drama of the war: To evacuate Madrid is to help in the final victory.


“Tighten up comrade!” (Spanish Civil War, 1936)



Spanish Civil War Book Covers:


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