My Group’s Representation of Guernica

Based on the “Freedom of information” manifesto we had to work in groups to create a representation of the original Guernica piece by Pablo Picasso. We started off by doing lots of little drawings of ideas based on the freedom of information and media. However, after having a chat and discussing our ideas, we came up with this style drawing following the same style and composition like in the original Guernica. Next, we decided what media we wanted to use for our final piece. The piece had to be covering 3 portrait A2 sheets of paper.


After pushing our ideas we have changed the composition slightly making it look a little messier than in the drawing. Also, we have decided that our idea would work more in black and white as we were trying to communicate an empty space that of the missing information. The final piece was composed of collaged black sugar paper and white paper, also for things like the magnifier and the television screen we have used plastic sheets to represent glass. For the elements that are coming off the page, the idea of that was that the sheets represent the manipulated media and whatever comes off the page is the freedom of information and the true data of which we are looking for using the magnifier glass (search tool).


This project was again a nice way to carry on our previous manifesto project but within a different style and a totally different approach as well. The idea of this was to re-create our manifestoes following a presentation on Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. As many countries and artists around the globe have recreated the Guernica for political reason and following many events that happened. We recreated our own version as means to fight for the freedom of our information. Also, It was a good opportunity to visually communicate our manifestoes or our ideas upon society.


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