Manifesto Workshop

For this day project, we were asked to make notes of things we would like to change, our concerns upon society. However, everybody made notes and came up with interesting points, all those with common concerns had to form a group and fill in a manifesto sheet given by the lecturer. My group and I wrote a manifesto on “The freedom to information”, although we have called it “The Words Manifesto”.


The point of our manifesto is that we have had enough of the lack of information given in education, and the misled information by the media. We are to change the world and accept who we truly are without being manipulated by social media and television for whatever reasons. We have lived in a world of sheer noise, we today want to become more informed and we celebrate for the search of the truth, and fight for our freedom to be informed.

It was basically all about an uninformed world of media manipulation and misled information, sometimes the lack of information in education too. Our concern upon the greater world of media and the big organisations out there that are only telling us what they feel like we should know. We were to address that to the Tv news, newspaper, internet, schools, and especially the governments and any other big powerful organisations out there.

Once we have put together a manifesto, every group had to go and create a paper pop up representation of elements based on our manifestoes. This was quite interesting, I was fascinated by the technique and also by the fact that we were to bring our manifesto to life, by creating the shapes related to our spoken minds that of the written manifesto. So we came along with this interesting piece of work, we have extracted key elements from our manifesto to create the information icon, the computer screen and also the magnifier glass that means, search for the information.


I was intrigued by this and also I did not expect it to turn into what we have created, it was a great project and it worked well. I at the beginning was a little confused about what we were about to create. However, things became clearer for me and started to put it together piece by piece. Although I wish there was more time for this project in order for us to create a neater or a more thoughtful design.


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