Spanish Civil War

Spanish civil war was an outcome of many events that happened in Spain during the 1920’s and they all piled up to the civil war that lasted between 1936 and 1939. First Alfonso XIII was the Spanish king at the time, however, the government was disorganised and corrupt and he later gave up his rule for the country to the general Primo de Rivera in early 1920’s

However, the general did not seem to be like any other dictator, in fact, he introduced new laws, industrial production, built roads and other things. Also, he managed to sort out the rebellion units in Morocco. However, the start of 30’s was a new problem approaching the Spanish people, the great depression of 1930 hit the Spanish hard.

The problems were arising, big unemployment rates and a financial mess raised up of that the general was not able to fix, the result of that was the general Rivera had to resign as the army withdrew its support for the general.

Up until 1936, there were many factors prompting the civil war to start. Spain was also about to face a breakup, a massive disruption as its major cities Catalonia and the Basque region requested their independence. The Roman Catholic church was hostile to the republic and vice versa. Priests lost their right to a salary as the government did not want to pay the church salaries anymore. Some important priests were expelled from the Republic of Spain. Catalonia did receive some sort of self-government. The wages of those working in Industry was increased although they weren’t paid by the government but those who own the place of work.

However, at this point, Spain already was considered to have huge financial and social problems, as things were not going alright for anybody in the country. The church was mistreated and so many other institutions and factories or people who devoted to going to work faced some sort of issues. The government start attacking the powerful bodies of the Spanish society, the big powerfull people. The landowners, the Catholic Church the industrialists and the military turned against them.

Yet, a new political party was formed called the Ceda. This was a right-wing party dedicated to protecting the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and landlords.

In early 1930’s a number of insurgents tried to take over the government which was the time led by Manuel Azana, also the prime minister. They have failed to accomplish their mission as the army, for now, was loyal to the government. Later, a new political party was formed called the Ceda. This party was mostly focused on the rights of the Roman Catholic Church and the landlords. Azana’s government was about to lose its support from the left and the right wing. Both being two different and rather powerful parties, the anarchists and the syndicalists felt that Azana’s government was impartial about capitalism and the communism as they were more inclined to a more communist state. In order to defeat Azana from the power, they accused him of forming a political union with the middle ground in Spanish political life. He later became hated for betraying the working class, which helped the left wing to organise strikes and riots in order to destabilise his government.


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