First Things First Workshop

The workshop we did in class about the manifesto and how we designers can change the perception of other beginner designers. We were set to create a campaign supporting the idea of the “first things first manifesto” throughout making a huge impact on designers out there and their perspective on design and how they use their talents. This workshop was a group based workshop that we all had to come up with different ideas targeting young designers, or designers that just got started.

The lecturer introduced us with some questions that we had to ask ourselves.

What is the first thing to place at the forefront of your creativity?
What will be the effect of my design upon the wider world?

The idea of this was to make us approach design from a different perspective, to try design something sustainable rather than just a temporary thing. They wanted us to come along with a long-lasting message that would inform a specific audience, something that could initially change the designer’s perception about design.


So we came up with this poster idea, asking the question of, “What kind of designer do you want to be?” or “What kind of designer are you?”

The outcome is an interactive poster made of two layers, one showing the brilliant design of the cups and whatever items are using to promote the company. However, on the other layer, it is the ugly truth behind the luxurious design, that we designers came up with of which the companies are using to promote their goods.

The idea behind this concept was that some companies like Costa or Starbucks for example, are using or used to apply child labour as a way of saving money and still be able to get good quality coffee beans. However, there were children working for a misfortune, on the other hand, the company was buying their coffee beans and make a fortune selling them at extremely high values. So, our idea was to create a Billboard or a Guerrilla campaign based on this ideology that would make the designers ask themselves first whether or not is right to design for a company who are not fair about their money saving strategies, and are indeed using child labour or anything like it as means of making more money. The idea was to make the designers realise that is important to make an informed decision before designing for anybody, as that could affect many cultures and people out there in the world, and that they might only be the ones promoting it. Despite that, popping up the big question of “What kind of designer do you want to be? could eventually make an impact on the designers, and might only make it right as well.

This project was a good opportunity to work in groups and to quickly come up with innovative outcomes within a short amount of time. It has opened my eyes in a way, and it offered us a good opportunity to becoming a pioneer. Everybody had exceptional and well thought, outcomes. They all had delivered a message to me, they all made me look at the world of design differently following the original manifesto. It makes me feel like there is no limit on what we, designers can achieve or do with our minds and also working together we can change the world.


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