Time Passing


For this small brief, I have been tasked to take an A1 piece of paper and divide it into 12 sections. I have been given a pile of photographs to choose from and I needed to imagine the scene at the same moment and draw a variety of different rough sketches of different perspectives from the chosen photograph. That in order to come up with a narrative story of different scenes and put together a handmade small book.

In order to get different scenes, I had to play around with perspective and points of view. For example a perspective from the audience point of view, a perspective from the cameraman point of view, from behind the objects in the photograph (in my case, couch), from the ceiling, from the sky, from the floor, etc…

Things I had to consider when drawing my sketches:

  • The arrangement of the basic shapes and elements with my frame
  • The various ways I could crop the image.
  • The shape of the negative space, what shapes are created in between the main forms?
  • How am I leading the audience eye through the image?
  • What is the focal point and how am I leading  it to it?
  • How is tone and contrast being used to structure my image?
  • Which elements are in my image and more importantly what am I leaving out?

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