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Artes Mundi Exhibition

Is an internationally focused arts organisation. It identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists who engage with the human condition, social reality and lived experience and is best known for its biennial international Exhibition and Prize which takes place in Cardiff.

Auto De Fe (2016) exhibition

During a browse in the exhibition the “Auto De Fe” caught my eyes, the piece by John Akmofrah is a set of short movies with a dramatic story behind. The concept behind was immigration, and persecution, shown through expressive body language and dramatic sounds. There were two separate screens sharing several perspectives of the same frame. The powerful images displayed pain and anxiety within the people’s body language, and how they felt about the moment and the outcome of what was about to happen to them.

The dramatic and the expressive theme sounds had a good melodramatic influence in the connexion with the frames themselves, although there are not any verbal interactions. There were very strong key elements between the sound and the video frames. These powerful scenes display a strong body language and a fashion style relevant to the themes.

The beautiful places where the videos took place with the fashion style of their clothes had a strong cultural impact on me. On the other hand, what really intrigued me and brought to my attention was the use of light and colour scenes from one screen to another and the narrative impression it gave when I read the images throughout the both screens. Also, the narrative effects working successfully without using any verbal or written language but a strong perspective and a good body language. These, to communicate pain, anxiety, war, power, and many other aspects of the story.

It is all about those extravagant surroundings, the body language and the quality of sound effects that absorbed me into watching these video clips. I think it was a good production and an excellent use of media to effectively captivate me within it.

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