The Joiner Project

In this project, I was asked to design two a set of images that will be used to promote summer courses for 18/19-year-olds. We had the flexibility to choose whether we want to make it for academic subjects or for vocational courses. The target was to make the subjects look as visually interesting as possible, well thought out and very positive.

I have decided as I am an art student, I would like to design an interesting concept for an art based course like Art and Design. In my set of images, I cannot have less than three images per set and their dimensions should vary from thin to thick and tall, square etc…

As this was only one day project I had to be smart and quick about it. I have borrowed a fairly good quality camera from my teacher and went around the building and captured photographs of different materials and tools that are related to the subject.


So I came up with this outcome, my strategy was to take close ups of the interesting elements on each of the objects, in order to have a family of images slightly interesting visually and still displaying an artistic look representing the Art and Design subject.

This was a good and rather skilful project, this project helped me gather things in order to come up with an outcome in a short amount of time. The fact that I had to walk around looking for random stuff for my project was interesting, I went around and looked for nice elements related to my theme and I quite enjoyed that. However, for this project I was asked to come up with two sets of images for two different courses, unfortunately, I did not have the required time to complete the second set. Although I was really happy with this one. Also, spending a lot of time on this one, I have learnt a lot about taking photographs and that almost every object surrounding us every day have a strong and attractive element about it, but we just need to find it. I mean who would have thought that marker pens can look this captivating.


Like in the project above, this time we had a more controlled approach to the same technique. Again, I had to choose a course to design and promote a summer course for the 18/19-year-olds audience.I have chosen Photography, however, this time we had to treat our work to a higher standard and we were allowed to use 4 photographs only. The final outcome had to include specific measurements that would fit an a3 piece of paper.

I had to design using these measurements:

140 x 200 mm
280 x 40 mm
100 x 55 mm
55 x 40 mm

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