Digital Print/Screen Print

Digital Print:

Using Photoshop I was asked to create a series of images, initially using two colours exploiting the possibilities of translucent layers. For this task, I have been using some photographs I have taken in previews projects.

As a starting point, I had to turn my images to grayscale and apply a half-tone effect to them that would allow me to improve the higher contrasts within my photograph. Working on a second layer I have to drawn shapes related to the image.

Working with different layers and shapes, I have added new objects and used the iverted tool in some cases like the image with the blocks. My point was to make some negative elements stand out more.

I found this project a quite challanging and time consuming but totally worth it. At first I was quite unsure where I was going with it, and as I was working along I quite enjoined it and I have learned a lot of new techniques and effects, I have also learned more about using the pen tool in Photoshop.If possible I would try this technique again but in a more controlled way next time.

Screen Print:

Screen print was also part of the same project but more handmade based this time. Here was a mixture of hand drawing and stencil cutting techniques in order to create an outcome based on my choosen digital image.

I was asked to choose one of the outcomes from the digital print and create a two colour print using a hand cut stencil, a drawing made onto a transparent paper, and a photographic stencil.


At this stage things came a little more clearar and I was on the right track. Nigel the print teacher, was giving us a tutorial on how to use the screens and how things work around the screen print studio. Thanks to Ray my digital screen tutor, I managed to bring the work I did in his class with him, into the more hand made based technique and managed to work in layers again in order to come up with a final piece.

This was initially drawn onto a transparent paper. I was concentrating on some of the interesting elements from the photograph of the market, which I have then exposed onto a screen ready for the next step.

After exposing the image onto the screen which took me a while, it looked something like this. I started working on a second layer, this time stencil cutting.

One layer of screen print was finalised, now I have worked on doing a stencil cut concentrating more on the ceiling and other elements of the photograph. This time the lines weren’t thin like in the previews image. Here I wanted to have a rather thicker and bolder shapes.


Now that the second layer was finished. I decided to work on another stencil design of the same photograph but this time concentrating on the architecture elements. Unfortunately, the paper ripped so I had to throw it away, although I managed to get some outcomes out of it.

All3 layers together

Here I have a final outcome consisted of three layers, one hand drawing, and two stencil concentrating on different parts of the photograph.


However, also I have tried to combine and experiment with layers in different ways in order to gain different outcomes as well.

There was not a strong reason why I have chosen these colours, they just simply stood out to me. I was looking for something bright, warm and happy so that is why I chose lighter colours. As the illustration represents a market, I was trying to display happiness, as people love spending money.


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