Reading Images

Among artists, it is important that we understand how to read images. As a graphic designer, I need to make sure every choice has a meaning, and that I know how to identify the choices made by others or within my own practice. I need to understand how do various components work in relation to each other and what can that piece of work illustrates.

However, for this exercise, I have been shown an important way of identifying the design decisions being made and the concepts behind a piece of advertisement and movie posters. In order to do this, I first need to draw a column of analysis which looks something like this.


For example:



Dr No (1962). From the very first Bond movie comes the very best Bond poster starring the incomperable Sean Connery.   It’s got everything – the girls, an exotic location (notice the palm trees bottom left), a smoking gun, and if you look carefully you can see the villain on the left center side of the poster. They only show half of him which is kind of neat I think.  I believe also there is  a version somewhere where there is a martini in Bond’s other hand.  Or maybe I just hope there is.


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