Cardiff in Photo

For this project, we have been asked to come up with a series of images in order to give the viewer an insight view of Cardiff city. To do that, we all have been divided into groups and have been given a few terms to consider when taking the photograph from around Cardiff city centre.

Our terms were: Concrete Jungle, City of the Unexpected, Land of my Fathers and Welsh exit.

As we were working in groups, each of us concentrated on one term each, mine was “city of unexpected”. So here are a few photographs that I took.

After taking all the photographs, we went back to the studio and did some editing and some image cropping. Next, we worked together to come up with the best 4 photos that represent each of those terms. To select the best images for the terms in groups we have discussed the message each of the photos communicates and tried to help it by further editing the photographs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This project helped me to understand the power of photography and gave a good insight on how to communicate effectively using photography.


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