Vernacular Typography

This was a small group project that lasted for a day. We had to represent a 3d form for the word ‘temporary’ by using natural elements or various objects that describe the meaning of the word innovatively. My group and I have deconstructed the word ‘temporary’ in order to understand and to come up with the best way to effectively represent it using elements from the environment.

Here are a few examples from David’s presentation;

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This picture is been created on a large scale judging by the bike in the composition. This was one of my favourite example of vernacular typography so far. I think this works great for many reasons. I think the colours are exceptionally good and the typeface draws my eyes along with the contrast between the tiles and the typeface.

This was another example of vernacular typography. I think this was a good representation of the word ‘temporary’ as the bananas don’t stay fresh for a long period of time, which puts it on a temporary display.


Here is a mindmap of key concepts of places and things we could use to create our vernacular typography.



Here is our final outcome, the idea behind this was to create a dynamic display using the mac suite in the art studio. This room can be used by anybody so we waited for everybody to leave the room so we could log in on various PCs at once and make use of the screens. What makes this a good description of the meaning ‘temporary’ is the fact that we could only have this on screens for a limited amount of time.

Overall, I think this was a quite challenging brief, although very interesting and quite helpful. That because I think it helped me to see different ways of displaying meanings throughout using typography.



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