Introduction to the Option and Nature of Philosophy

Session I

My first constellation lesson consisted in introducing us to the subject, philosophy. We started off the introduction by talking about the importance of questioning things. We’ve been put into groups of two people and been asked to question, what are we, a bucket or a fire? The bucket was all about absorbing information and applying it, in a knowledgeable way. The fire was about depending on other resources to find and bring up new ideas or perceptions. Personally, I think I am a bucket as I like to get the information and assimilate it.

Prof Clive gave us an interesting insight into philosophy. He questioned knowledge, “A single final truth or a network of differences?” and, “What counts as knowledge in the internet age?”. There is a barrier between what things really are and the matter of personal opinions. Histories, theories, artefacts, texts, beliefs, concepts, and arguments, these are the main things of revealing answers regarding our questions.

Philosophy made me think about technology in a way that I never thought of. “How do we define, technology?” Also, Clive stated that technology is not just a piece of electronic device but also a tool adding to our being. Is technology, a creation of the human as a result of manipulating a new way of living? Are our own tools depending on us or us on them? Are we fully dependent on our technology, or is it just another way of living our lives? Do we have a choice or we just taking technology as being part of our lives?

Am I a cyborg? Clive showed us an example of the differences between charcoal, bicycle, the Internet, and a cyborg! Is charcoal also a piece of technology?  Might be. I mean we are drawing our lives around our own technology that we can not define the word technology to its full potential.

In conclusion, this subject was designed to support me in learning different ways of creating diverse perspectives on the subject matter throughout philosophy. I think this will embrace my anxiety in bringing forward new concepts and innovative ideas as I will become more open to questioning my subjects and try different approaches to design.


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