Hybography ( Hybrid/Typography )

In this brief, we had to create a typographic hybrid. By that means, cutting individual letterforms and creating new shapes using two different typefaces, serif and sans serif only. The point of this was to come up with eye-catching, meaningful hybrid letterforms of which I will ultimately create words from.

Next, I had to come up with a list of descriptive words in order to apply the created hybrid letterforms to describe the meaning of the chosen word. I came up with few words like, kick, bounce, open, clap, build, march, dig. However, my chosen words were “catch and march” so I had to create the meaning of one of these two words using the hybrids.

So here are some experimental sketches of the word “march”.

So, I after doing some sketches I came up these final drawings.

In the top drawing, I wanted to show steps motion, so I have used the serifs as the foot moving forward with the bold letter H in charge. Whereas with the second drawing, I wanted to make them look more uniform and perfectly aligned like marking soldiers. Again, I have used the serifs as a form of motion.

I think these could be improved by playing more with hybrids, composition and the size of the letterforms, it might help to communicate the meaning better.

On the other hand, I found this small brief a good opportunity to learn more about composition and the play of words and their meanings.


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