Blog Introduction

Welcome everyone here is my brand new blog on which I will be posting the reflection of all of my work throughout my studies at Cardiff School of Art and Design.

I will begin by saying hello to all my tutors, people on my course, and you guys the readers. Now about me! : ) I am Celestin Dimitriu and I come from the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. I have moved to South Wales, Tenby more precisely when I was 14, I have started at Pembrokeshire college where I did my level 2 diploma in Art and Design and 2 years of BTEC Level 3 in Graphics. I am now a Graphic Communication student at Cardiff Metropolitan university. I am here because I love art and I wanted to expand my exploration approaches in ways that I have never done before and beyond.

Ok, now that you know more about me…

My First Days at the University

My first week of University, I got to meet my course tutors and I have been introduced to my course in depth. We have also been allocated groups and subgroups and been provided with the course handbook and timetables. Also, we have been given a tour of the campus and have been introduced to the facilities.

I have met a lot of lovely people and been to lots of different meetings which talked to us about the available support and opportunities to which the university and the course provide us.

We also had the chance to present our summer project which was meant to be the initial of our first names. The letterform was meant to show our inspirations and why we chose to come to Cardiff met. Also, through that letter, we needed to tell people a fun fact about ourselves, which I found very interesting and different from what I did in the past. Everybody came up with amazing work and all very unique. It was clear everybody put a lot of effort and time in their summer project, the creativeness was endless that day.It was definitely something that I have never experienced before.



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